Friday, December 9, 2011


As a math guy and a sports fanatic, I'm a believer that for the most part numbers don't lie. So needless to say, when I went in for a recent physical and some blood work I got a little bit of a shocker.

I am in really crappy shape.

I sort of knew that already since I look at myself in the mirror every day. My clothes were getting tight, it was getting hard to do simple things like bend over and tie my shoes, and worst of all, I can't walk ANYWHERE without being out of breath.

So I knew on the outside that things weren't good. On the inside, they were even worse. Here are some of my current stats:

Weight -- 255 lbs. (I am 5-foot-9)
Triglycerides -- 482
Glucose -- 117
Blood pressure -- 140/80
Resting heart rate -- 75

So here is a quick primer of what all of that means. My weight is 60-70 pounds over what is considered normal or healthy, my triglycerides are three times the normal count and my glucose puts me in what is commonly called pre-diabetic range

In other words, I'm pretty effed up. That means it is time to do something about it. Given my past and family history -- all of which I will share in later posts -- it is time. Because it has reached the point where it isn't something I want or need to do, it is something I have to do. I can't live like this much longer because there aren't any guarantees that I will.

Thanks to the support of family and friends (and past successes) it is something I can do. And the point of this blog is to share my journey with others who are in the same boat, hopefully we can all help each other get the job done.

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