Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hey There!

So I figured I would try this again. No, you haven't missed much over the last 9 1/2 months, I've had some good and bad days and actually weigh about what I did the last time I posted something back in December.

I won't go long today with this post, I'll do my catching up as we go along. While my weight is close to the same, I feel a bit better. I have been running and doing some workouts here and there.

I ran a 5K on July 6 in downtown Chicago with my friends, Bernie and Scott. The race started in Lincoln Park and went out along the Lakefront Path. I love the path, but man it was hot! I had hoped to run the entire distance without stopping, but I walked through a water stop to get some extra fluids and walked for about 10 seconds near the end. Still, I call the day a success. Here's a post-race photo...Bernie is in the gray, I'm in the center and Scott is rocking the orange.

In true Kenyan fashion, both of them took the pace out fast in an attempt to break me, but I did make it through the first mile. Scott dropped Bernie with the finish line in sight and rolled across in 30:25, while Bernie was eight seconds back.

I came home in 33:40, which meant I accomplished my secondary goal of going under 11 minutes per mile.

Since then I've gone on a few runs (and even bought a new pair of shoes!) but had an issue with something getting really tight in my lower right leg. It is still hanging around but doesn't bother me all that often.

Today I joined Bernie for a workout at Wrightwood Park in Chicago. He meets up with a group of peeps a couple of times a week, but the Sunday one is what works best for me. It's a fun workout but also one that kicks you in the butt too!

The workouts involve a lot of squats, lunges, resistance work and cardio. The main workout today was a circuit that involved jumping rope, resistance running and...kickboxing! It was pretty brutal, we did each station for a minute, took a minute break and jumped back into it, making a total of four circuits. Even holding the kickboxing pads for a partner was a workout in itself. By the third time around I was feeling it.

After throwing punches for a minute I went to jump some rope and...nope. Wasn't happening. I couldn't lift my arms! So I grabbed some water instead. In this group you take stuff at your own pace and I was able to jump back in for the resistance running. I can always run!

Bernie is a good friend, and very supportive. He's been there before and understands that it isn't easy, so I'm thankful for his motivation and kind words. Bernie always talks about doing little things to add up to one big thing, which are words to live by in whatever we do.

Sometimes the mountain seems so high, it does for me right now. I would love to lose 70-80 pounds, but to look at those number and realize how far away my goal is, it's like, UGH! But if I do a couple of little things and lose a pound a week, I'm there in 18 months. Maybe not as quickly as I'd like but hey, I'd get there.

One nice thing about getting old is that you get a better perspective of things. In the past, I would have been pissed about my 33:40 but given where I'm at and the fact I tried my best, I can live with it. Fact is, I did it! I was told a while back that my standards for happiness were too high and that I expected too much out of myself.

That was so, so true. I have two jobs, I am a single dad with two kids who have tons of activities, I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman named Darcy who I love spending time with. What I'm doing is the best I can do right now. I've learned to accept the fact that I can get overwhelmed sometimes and that there are times were a few things need to sit in the background for a while so I can focus on other things. And as you get older, things just aren't as easy as they used to be.

Ok, so that's it for me today. I promise I'll be back tomorrow!

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