Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've Had an Epiphany Of Some Sort

(Did I spell that right?)

Anyway, it's been a great last 10 days or so as I felt inspired and set some goals.

The first one is that I am running the Chicago Marathon in 2013. I've run seven of them before, and the last one was in 2008. Back then I wondered if I would ever want to run one again. Don't get me wrong, race day is awesome, but the idea of training and running 20-milers all by myself wasn't thrilling.

But now I have some people in my life that I know will love and support me and be with me every step of the way, so that decision was made pretty easy. It also helped that I read the novel "Marathon" by Hal Higdon, which is about the final 72 hours leading up to the Lake City Marathon (or as I quickly figured out, Chicago by another name). As he details the characters' actions and feelings in the final hour before the race, I started to get butterflies. Seriously! It was then that I felt like I had it in me to do it again.

In the short term, I'm also running the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago on Nov. 5. It was just going to be the 5K, but a few of my peeps talked me into taking on the longer race, and I thought it would be a nice challenge.

I went out and ran 4.8 miles on Monday night and that felt really, really good. I followed that up with a 3-mile run Tuesday and a 4-mile walk tonight. I think I will follow that two-on, one-off routine for the next few weeks, and add a 1/2 mile or so to the long runs so that I will be close to the 9.3-mile distance when the race rolls around.

I have been eating much better, and got on the scale at 244.8 today. Just a couple more pounds and I will be down 20 since I started! Exciting!

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