Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's Hot

And the sky is blue.

I'm sure your first reaction to the title of this post is "of course it's's July 18, like duh!". Actually there is a story behind it, and I was reminded about it this morning during my 3-miler.

Back in the late 80s my dad tried to start up a driving range. It didn't go so well but I got to hit a lot of golf balls for free and drove a big tractor to cut the grass. So it was kind of a cool summer.

Anyway, there was a retired guy named Gene who lived across the street and would amble over during the day when things were a little slow. Gene seemed like a good guy but wasn't a very good conversationalist. All of them started with the same thing:

"It's hot."

OK, it's funny to me. Maybe you had to be there.

I was thinking about that as I was out on my run today because by 9 a.m. the temperature was 85 degrees and the dewpoint was 70. Not conducive to running fast! Which I didn't. Plus I was a little stiff because I had made the mistake of running within about 15 minutes of getting out of bed.

When you are a high school kid, like my 17-year-old son Matt who runs on his school's cross country and track teams, you can do that. When you are 44 it isn't so easy. It takes me a while to get going. When I get up to run with the ACS group on Saturday mornings I'm usually up for at least an hour and loosen up on the drive over. And on race day, no matter how early I have to get up, I always shower.

After all...look good, feel good, right?

I didn't have as much time as usual so I had to suffice with some lunges and butt-kicks. Active stretching as I'm told. So the first mile was a bit of a grind and at the halfway point I stopped and walked around the intersection a little to cool down before heading back.

As usual, the second half of the run was much better. Not like I was airing it out the last mile or anything, but I was starting to run at a good clip. Still, I was glad when the run was over because although by that time I could have run farther I sure as heck didn't want to!

But hey, I got it in. Given I'm a night person and run a lot after dark (other runs are done during lunch at work) I'm still not sold on running in the morning, but at the same time it always feels good to finish and know it's all done before I even start my day. I can't say I will ever become a full-time morning runner, but I'm starting to see what people like about it.

Plus, it's 92 right now with a heat index of 100. I'll take getting up early over running in this kind of stuff every day.

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