Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Thursday Already!

I don't know about you, but this week has flown by! Got a big day coming up on Saturday when we make the jump into double digits with our 11-miler. A little nervous about it, but once we get that one knocked out we'll just keep going up from there!

Tomorrow is a big day, although not when it comes to a run, since I'm just going 3 miles. My two boys, Matt (17) and Kevin (12) will both be running at Detweiller After Dark, a cross country event in Peoria held on the state meet course.

Hopefully it's the first of three trips we will take down there for the cross country season. Matt and his Aurora Central Catholic team will run there again in September and hopefully be back for the IHSA state meet on Nov. 9.

Cross country is a very exciting sport, actually, and I love watching it. This race will be really cool since it's a night race and they will have the course lit up, a video board, the works! Hoping the have a good time, and the weather should be really good for them.

So what did I do this past week? So far I only have two of the three runs in, but it's been a busy week so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

Tuesday I ran a nice 3.6 miles in a loop around where I work. The weather was just perfect! Strange that it was 76 degrees but the humidity was seriously low and there was a nice breeze, almost like a day in September.

It ended up becoming more of a tempo-type run as I upped the pace as I went along and was running a nice hard pace the last few minutes. I was maybe running 10-minute pace for the last half-mile but fast is a state of mind, you know?

Wednesday I met up with Tiffany, my coach, and we ran the Herrick Lake trails near Wheaton. We were running six miles and she asked if we wanted to go the easy route or the hard route. I selected the easy one, but of course in the first mile there were a couple of big hills! Still, I was off to a good start and midway through the run we were going at about a 10:30 pace.

At about 2 1/2 miles I asked Tiffany how we were doing and she looked at her watch and said "wow, you're really kicking ass!" Looking back, it probably would've been better if I'd just stayed blissfully unaware and kept running not knowing how I was doing because I went into this "oh, the pace is too fast!" sort of panic.

Although I will say it was good to know I could do that kind of pace because I'm running a 5K next Wednesday night and it would be great to run that pace.

Anyway, we slowed up a little (and walked a bit at halfway) and we finished in 1:07:30 (or so). I'll take it. The run was good and my pace was good, so we'll just keep working on it.

I skipped running today because my legs were a bit tight, but they are feeling better so I'm going to try an easy 3-miler tomorrow. Then it's double-digit time! It's getting serious!

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