Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easier Runs Are Starting To Get Easier


One thing I had noticed over the last week or two is that my runs during the week seem to be a little "easier" than they had been. It might be the weather cooling a bit, but I think it's also a result of just getting more fit.

Today I ran my usual 3.6-mile loop at work (more on that later) and felt really good. My legs were a bit tight during the day, in fact they felt like lead a couple of times when I got up from my desk! But I made sure to start out slowly and they shook themselves out after a bit.

It had rained for a while in the afternoon, so it was a bit humid, but the nice thing about the sun going down earlier is that even if it's still a little warm (probably in the mid 70s) it's not like the sun is beating down and making it feel even hotter.

I had to cut the run short because I realized today I had to run to a local running shoe store and pick up my number for the 20-miler this weekend. After today, the only place you could pick it up is in a couple of stores in downtown Chicago, so no doubt I had to make the trip.

I got number 535, which given the stack of numbers it looked like they had it seems a little low for someone running 12-minute miles, but the sticker on my number said I was in wave nine, so I guess it's right. Even if it isn't, I will be more than sure to line up with my group!

Hard to believe the 20-miler is coming up this Sunday!

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