Monday, November 17, 2014

The Week That Was -- 11/10 to 11/16

I don't think this will be a weekly thing for me, but I was pretty proud of the week I had last week so I thought I'd share!

A couple of things that I want to highlight are 1) that I got six runs in over the course of the seven days and 2) I've moved closer to a couple of my goals!

I started the week off with a 6-miler on Monday, which was actually supposed to be my Sunday run. I ended up putting it off because after our trip to New York and our busy day on Saturday (run in Central Park, fly home, attend a wedding, attend a charity event) I was just done on Sunday. No. Motivation. Whatsoever.

I was still in recovery mode on Monday so I didn't even wear my watch on the run, instead opting to go just by feel. I even tried a new route which was kind of interesting because a road I thought went all the way through instead stopped at each end at a railroad track! Fortunately a pretty good path had been worn between the two roads so I just crossed through and continued. Oh well.

Tuesday I had basketball practice so was just going from work to the gym. Our practice wasn't supposed to start until 7 so I had enough time to fit in a 3.5-miler. That one felt at a pretty good pace, I didn't feel like I was working all that hard and even though I didn't wear my watch I think I finished in the 35-36 minute range. I had a similar run on Thursday on the blue track at the rec center, putting in miles in the 10-minute range. That's a nice step up for me, I still hope to break 30 minutes for a 5K by the end of the year and if my training pace is dropping that's a good sign.

Speedwork was next on Friday. Instead of the 200 repeats I had done the previous two sessions I went 4x400 with a 400 jog recovery. Though it was quite chilly on Friday I ran to and from the rec center as my warmup and cooldown then got started. In my mind I was hoping to run them in the two minute range, so I was really happy to clock the first one in 1:59.14.

The next three got progressively more painful :--) but I was able to hold my pace over the next three, going 2:00.75, 1:59.16,. 2:00.95. It wasn't until later when I was putting the times in my log did I realize that the four repeats added up to eight minutes flat! Nice and consistent, that's what it's all about.

That workout did a number on me, as my legs were hurting on Friday night and my run Saturday was kind of sluggish. Sunday I bumped my long run to what I thought was 7 miles (I measured it later to be 7.5), and was still struggling at times. The second half of the run went a lot better than the first as I ended up finishing with a pace of 10:54, which really is fine with me because I was targeting an 11-minute pace.

Both Saturday and Sunday it was chilly outside, with the temperature hanging right around 32F. I bundled up on top but wore shorts both days because the wind was pretty much down and once I got going my legs felt pretty warm. We also got a bit of snow on Saturday night and while it didn't stick to the pavement it did cover the path in Hawk Hollow, which felt good under my feet. It seems like the softer snow helped because I ran a lot better as time went on.

So it was a great week! Six runs and 27 miles in the seven days was a nice step forward -- although officially for the week I was at 20 miles because my weeks go Sunday-Saturday. Still, I can't complain about anything, although I'm still feeling fatigued in my legs and might wait until Tuesday night to run next. What also makes it good is that it was a really busy week this week with four days of basketball, but I tried to make running a priority and get my runs in. I need to keep doing that.

And my goals? Well, my seven-pound goal will probably fall sometime this week as I was down six on the scale as of Sunday morning, and both weeks this month I've run once during my lunch break. I can't necessarily say it was while I was "at work", because they were both on my work from home days, but I think they still count!

This week will be a bit more of a challenge as we could play as many as five basketball games this week and we have practice tonight, but I think I'll be up to it. I'm also excited that my mom is coming to visit for a couple of days, maybe we'll go to the Blue Track of Dreams and she can walk a few laps while I get a run in! Speaking of, weather will be a little tough this week, but like I've always said, if you live in the Midwest and wait for "perfect" weather to run, you might be waiting a really, really long time!

Have an awesome week!

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