Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here's How My Week Went

Well, it's Sunday night once again. After what seemed like an endless 4-day work week, the weekend just seemed to fly by!

Still, overall it's been one of my best weeks, running-wise, in quite some time. I ran five days out of the seven and finished the week with right around 24 miles. A nice place to be with 12 weeks go to before my half (more on that later).

Monday was 3.8 miles on the Hawk Hollow trail that I like so much. It had been before Christmas since I had run there since it was covered over with snow for the most part. But with the little thaw we have had it was in pretty good shape. There were some crappy parts and the path was a bit mushy, but I'm sure not complaining!

Tuesday I went five miles, with a bit of a twist. It was damp and many of the roads were icing over a little bit so I ran the mile to the gym, put in three on the blue track and then ran the mile home. The three indoor miles were great, I think at my best I was down to about a 9:40 pace. It helped that there some high school kids there who were running and I got some pacing help from them. That pace felt really easy when I was working with other people.

After two days of doing next to nothing, Friday and Saturday I ran 3.8 miles on Friday night and 3.2 on Saturday. The Saturday run was a bit tough, but it was only about 14 hours or so after Friday's run, which might have had something to do with it. I mean, when you run 12 hours apart it's kind of like doing a double, so I kept that in perspective.

Today I headed to the Prairie Path again for an eight miler. I chose the PP more because of the weather, because it was cold and windy -- 28 degrees and with about a 25 mph wind it felt more like the low teens -- and the path is well protected by trees. Which ended up being a good decision because the couple of times I got exposed to the wind it was brutal!

I was hoping that the path would be in good shape, with just a light coating of snow, but under the snow was some leftover ice, so it was a bit uneven. I guess it was a bit like a trail run, but that was OK because it made me focus more on my running and it kept me from racing the workout.

I also started working on getting back into fueling and stuff, bringing along my fuel belt and stashing some Powerade along the course. I also brought two packages of Gu -- Tri Berry flavor, my favorite -- and took it at about 2.5 and 5 miles. It really helped, while my quads were pretty sore from trying to keep steady, overall I felt a lot better than my 8-miler a few weeks ago when I didn't bring anything.

And as an added bonus, I saw a beautiful white tailed deer that ran across the path a couple hundred yards in front of me, and that came after I saw a big hawk on Saturday. Just a great run.

I also entered two races this week, a 5K in Geneva on Super Bowl Sunday and as a virtual participant in the #Run3rd 5K on April 11th. That race will actually be in Mesa, Ariz. but I'll run mine on the Hawk Hollow trail.

With 12 weeks to go to the Indy Mini, I am starting an actual training program tomorrow. I chose the Hal Higdon Advanced program, which has some speedwork and longer weekend runs. It will be a bit of a challenge because it's six days a week, but I may combine lighter 3-4 mile days into a double run on one day, so it would be six runs on five days. I start with a 3-miler tomorrow.

Have a great week everybody!

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