Thursday, February 26, 2015

Three Things Thursday -- 2/26 Edition

Hello again! Time for this week's edition of Triple T!

1) I'm back on my feet! The back issue I had struggled with for close to 10 days has run its course and I'm feeling a lot better, so much so that I have run the last two days (3.2 miles each) and haven't had any problems. I'm still going to take it easy for the next few days, although I'd like to run long (10 miles) this weekend if I'm up to it. I actually want to get a couple of interval/speedwork sessions in because I feel like I've lost a bit of my faster mojo -- as in, I'm lacking a little confidence. That will come back, in the end it was a bit frustrating to sit and wait for it to get better, but it was the right decision just to shut it down for a few days and let it heal. I might not have been so patient in the past, and there are times where I just made it worse.

2) Winter sucks! There, I said it. We got some more snow yesterday, and while the little dusting that was out when I did my run at 5 p.m. was nice and peaceful, the 3-4 inches that fell after that just added to our misery. While December and January were pretty run of the mill, we've now had our coldest February on record. I just want it to get better so that I can consistently run outside. As I've made mention of before, I go indoors when it gets brutally cold or the pavement is slippery. Personal preference, but I think that there comes a point where it gets a bit counterproductive to be outside. Having a track available this winter so that I could avoid the treadmill has been nice, and they city plows the main running paths in town, which is sweet, but I'm anxious to get back to some of my favorite running spots like the forest preserve or the Prairie Path!

3) One month to go! While I definitely want to get my first race of 2015 out of the way by then, there is just one month to go before my first half marathon of the year, the Viking Half Marathon in Greenwood, Miss. I'm treating that as more of a training run for the Indy Mini Marathon May 2, and have set a goal of trying to break 2:20 down there. I think that is a doable goal given my workouts and my last long run. Right now I think I'm going to run at least six halfsies this year, and would like to be under two hours at some point.

What's on your mind this last Thursday of February? What does your race schedule look like this spring?

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