Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Five

Since I missed my usual Three Things Thursday post yesterday -- but with all of the awesome NCAA tournament games going on, do you blame me(?) -- as both a penance and a celebration of the weekend I'm adding a couple of items.

*No matter how long you have been running, you can still do REALLY dumb things. A couple of weeks ago one of my cats left her, ummm, mark on my running shoes, and even when they dried out they smelled so bad I didn't want to run in them. While I was figuring out a way to make the shoes useable again because they still have a good 300 miles left in them, I pulled out an old pair that I just wear for kicking around and did a few runs in those. Now I'm left with a bit of a pain on the top of BOTH feet that are more annoying than anything, but is just a reminder that rookie mistakes aren't just reserved for rookies. Just to be safe I've taken the last couple of days off and the discomfort is going away, so I think things are all good.

*Still, that doesn't diminish the awesome weekend I had! Between my 5K PR, which you can scroll down and read about below, and my killer long run on Sunday, I got a big boost of confidence last weekend. I ran 28:38 in my 5K, which was 80 seconds faster than my previous best from last December, and then my 12-miler on Sunday I rolled through in 2:03:30, or about a 10:15 pace. Sunday's run was on the Prairie Path, which was a bit soft in spots (check out my shoes!) but otherwise was pretty fast. With the Viking Half Marathon coming up next weekend, I'm now feeling pretty confident that I can cover the distance. Hard to believe, but this will be my first half since the Indy Mini Marathon in 2007. Yes, you read that correctly! I'll probably run a bit slower than I did in this run -- I'll admit to getting a little carried away on Sunday and the last couple of miles were painful -- and be in the mindset of just finishing, but knowing I am in shape to do it is quite a boost.

*This weekend is quiet but it gets busy from here. I don't have much going the next couple of days, but then things take off! Between running races and my boys' track seasons starting up, right now it appears the first weekend in June is the next Saturday that I don't have anything planned. I'm really excited for track season...Matt is an 800-meter guy running his freshman season at Benedictine University, and has his first meet in St. Louis on March 28, while Kevin is in his final year of middle school track, though he will also run in high school too. I know I'm preaching to the choir here since anyone reading this is probably a runner, but I can't say enough good things about the sport of track, and cross country as well. They are such cool, inclusive sports that do so much for kids.

*Speaking of races, for the first time in a lot of years I actually am putting together a bit of a schedule, and it's exciting. For reasons I won't get into, I went a lot of years just running 1-2 races a year, or not running any at all. This year is so different, and I love it! Here is what I have going over the next couple of months:

Mar. 28 -- Viking Half Marathon (Greenwood, Miss.)
Apr. 11 -- #Run3rd 5K (Virtual)
Apr. 26 -- Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K (Chicago)
May 2 -- Indy Half Marathon (Indianapolis)
May 9 -- Apple Blossom 5K (Bartlett)
May 30 -- Ozzie's Home Run 5K (Geneva, Ill.)

I'm sure I'll throw a couple more in there but those are the ones set in stone for now. I'm really focusing on half marathons this year and hope to break two hours by the end of 2015.

*Here's a good topic for a conversation. Someone posted a recent column on the Runner's World website called The Lost Art of Pacing and the effect that GPS watches have on our running.

I've always been a bit old school and have run with a Timex Ironman watch for the last 10-12 years. Outside of wanting to know how far I ran in places that I can't measure, I don't need one. I tend to run a lot by feel and only wear a watch for speedwork, long runs and races, so that works for me. Others want/need more feedback and so they like what a watch like that gives them. That's cool, there's room for everybody!

Information is power, until it leads to paralysis by analysis, you know? When I run a race, for example, I'm happy with using my watch and the mile markers (and sometimes a pace band) to help me with what I need to do. Anything more than that would probably send my ADHD into overdrive and mentally screw up my race. Everyone has their own personal preferences, of course, but I tend to just want to shut my mind off and trust my training.

Give the article a read and share your thoughts in the comments. Does the author of the column have a point or is she off base?

Happy first day of spring! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I need my Garmin for pacing during race. For other runs, I use it more to check my pace after rather than during. You should check out the Friday Five Link Up over at