Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gadgets...Forget What I Said!

In my Friday Five post a few days ago I posted an article about gadgets and went the I'm OK/You're OK route about them. Personally I didn't have a desire to use stuff like that, but if you like them, it's fine by me.

Sunday I got an iPhone 6. I downloaded the Runtastic Pro app. I went for a run tonight.

Let's just say I'm a convert. In other words I'm trying to say I was...I was...

Oh heck, I'll let Fonzie speak for me.

It's been a big weekend for me. I never had a desire to own an iPhone, yet I got one. I didn't think that using good things to track your runs were a big deal. Crazy what a few days does to you.
To recap:

Friday -- Get off my lawn
Monday -- Enlightened cat

Funny, I probably wasn't going to use my phone had it not snowed, I was just going to go out and run my normal 3.2-mile loop and call it a day. But when I saw the running paths hadn't been plowed (yes, they plow them here in Bartlett, it's awesome), I knew I was going to have to make up a new loop around my house just using the streets.

Quick sidebar. Snow, really? Last week the temperature climbed to near 70, on Saturday I went and ran in shorts and a sleeveless shirt, and it is supposed to be 65 on Wednesday. Today? As I was getting ready for work I hear a snowplow going down my street, so I opened up the window to this! Thankfully it won't be around for long!

For a second I thought I would just run and then drive my route to see how far it was. But then a light went on...I have an iPhone, with an app that does that for me! So I started up a Hardwell podcast that my phone had automatically downloaded for me, pulled up the app, hit start, and started running!

Remember how when you were in middle school there was a girl (or boy) that you liked but you didn't want them to know you liked them, so you avoided making eye contact with them if at all possible? That's what I was doing. I didn't want to admit to myself that I was liking it, so I just ignored it.

Then at the mile, a sweet British voice -- I'm a sucker for British accents -- came on and said, "You have gone one mile, total time, 10:34". Hooked. Right. There.

My run continued and I found myself looking at my phone more and more for feedback. I liked the blue dot and the way it was drawing a line along the map of my neighborhood. I was happy to know exactly when I crossed a mile and how I could see my real-time pace, which sat at 10:35 per mile for virtually the entire mile, like I was some pace-monster metronome. Like I said in this space a few months ago, but if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I was once a pacer on the European track circuit.

So once I finished I was amazed at all the feedback that little app gave me. Maps, charts, graphs...I don't know how it all fits in helping me with my running, but it's all pretty sweet!

That's not to say I'm going to leave all of my old school things behind. While I'm looking forward to getting a really accurate measurements of my loops, and how big some of those hills really are, there are times where I'll still want to just run for the heck of it, I just want to plug in my iPod (which has a better battery life than the phone!) and go off the grid, because that's one thing that I do love about running!

So am I a complete convert? Not yet. Have I seen the light? You bet!

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