Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Three Things Thursday -- March 26 Edition

It's been a weird week around here, with the weather and all, and it just seems to be dragging. Fortunately, Thursday is the last day of the week at work for me, and the start of a three-day weekend! Actually with Good Friday falling next week I have two three-day weekends in a row! Score!

*Friday I'm heading out on a road trip! This is the weekend of the Viking Half Marathon in Mississippi, and I'll be flying down on Friday. Actually, flying and driving as the flight goes to Memphis -- I'm meeting Darcy there, she's been on the road this week -- then we drive a couple of hours to Greenwood. The hotel we are staying at, The Alluvian, is the host hotel for the race and is right next to the starting line, which is another big bonus.

As far as the race goes, my goals are pretty conservative. Although I've run faster in training I'm going into the race hoping to break 2:20, or just finish...whichever comes first! The weather looks to be pretty agreeable -- the high temp for the day is supposed to be 57 -- and the course is supposed to be crazy flat.

I'll also have a little company, which will add to the fun. Brent Bailey, a friend of Darcy's who works for Viking, decided that he is going to jump in and run with me. Two years ago he ran 1:32 to finish 11th overall, so I'm looking forward to some good local knowledge and a lot of conversation!

*Hopefully I'm feeling a little better by then. After staying healthy pretty much all winter long, I've come down with a bit of bronchitis and some congestion. I've had a bit of a cough for the last week or so, and it kind of blew up into more over the last couple of days. I have an appointment to see my doctor on Monday but decided I didn't want to wait ended up going to convenient care tonight. The doctor prescribed a steroid and antibiotic and told me to use my inhaler (I have exercised induced asthma) morning and night. I'm glad I knocked it out ahead of the trip and hopefully it will help me on Saturday too. It's funny that I feel fine when I run, it's just when I'm not that it bothers me. Given that's the other 23 hours of the day, it's important to get it fixed! :--)

*I'm closing in on 100 miles for the month! As of today I'm at 64 miles but with 4-5 more training runs plus the half I probably won't get there, but will come close. Actually, I had a goal of 90 for the month and that is entirely attainable. Now I'll try to get there in April. The weather is definitely energizing me and for sure the motivation is there to get it done.

*One more bonus item. Do you like basketball? Are you in a Final Four pool? That would be yes, and yes, for me, but my bracket is an absolute cluster. I tried to get clever and pick a few upsets and they just didn't happen. Oh well. Anyway, the round of 16 begins tomorrow and I'm going with the higher seeded team in every game to win...Notre Dame, Kentucky, Arizona and Wisconsin.

Have a great weekend! Look for my Viking Half race report -- and bling-filled selfie -- sometime after the race!

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