Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday -- March 5, 2015 Edition

Actually, this may end up being more than three things, but it's still Triple T, well, just because it is!

*Leading off, congrats to everyone who got into the NYC Marathon. Tuesday was certainly an exciting day for a lot of people on my social media feeds as the NYCM conducted its lottery for the race in November. I'm happy to see so many peeps that got in, but at the same time bummed for those who didn't. Still, it will be a great experience for everyone who will be running. I've never run NYCM but after running the final part of the course to the finish line when I was in New York last November, I really want to.

I know I've posted these before, but
for those that haven't seen them, here are pictures of the paint marks on the curb in Central Park marking the 26-mile post and the finish line. I ran there the week after the race and the finish line was already gone. I wish the major marathons would take a page from Boston's book and leave them on the pavement. 

This coming Tuesday, runners can begin entering the Chicago Marathon lottery, with the results of that announced next month. Although I have a guaranteed entry after deferring my entry last year, I won't be running. I just feel like with the goals I have I'd like to focus on the half marathon distance this year, because I'd like my next marathon to be a big step towards my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon in the next five years. My goal this year is to run a half in under two hours, so if I can get there by the end of the year a marathon will be in my 2016 plans.

*As I had mentioned before, my confidence has been waning the last couple of weeks. Between my back injury and my lack of real running since my Dubai trip, I have to admit that I just haven't felt as confident lately as I did, say, a month ago. That all changed on my 8-miler last night. Although the plan is to go 10 this weekend, I thought I would stretch out a run to close to that distance just to get into a better place mentally.

Although it was a bit mind-numbing to run 64 laps on the blue track, it was a huge step forward. I averaged 10:21 per mile and negative split the second half of the run by almost two minutes! I even picked up the pace in the middle of the run, and covered mile six in 9:22, but the other miles were in a more consistent range of 10:15-10:25. I'm picking back up with the Hal Higdon advanced half plan next week, so moving forward things should be OK.

*Spring ahead. I know there are a lot of people that don't like Daylight Savings Time, but I've always been a fan, and am looking forward to moving the clocks ahead this weekend. I'm definitely not a morning person and have always worked kind of strange hours, so the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day has always been a plus. Since I do most of my weekday runs at night, it will be nice to be in the sunlight for a bit as well. The biggie for me, though, is that it means some of my favorite paths are open longer, so it's also a chance to get onto some soft surfaces.

*What's ahead in March. So far I have one race scheduled, the Viking Half Marathon on the 28th, but I'm looking to add a local 5K next weekend. I'd like to find a race to run every couple of weeks this year, and then find a half in late fall to really make a run at a fast time.

Looking even further ahead, I'm trying to get a team together for the Ragnar Relay Great River run Aug. 14-15. Right now I have three people on the team -- a full team is 12 runners -- and would love to meet some new friends and have a lot of fun. So if you are interested or know someone who might be, hit me up in the comments section and we'll try to work something out. Right now the race is 70 percent full so we probably have a month to get everything together.

*TBT. Speaking of Ragnar, here's a TBT to when I ran Great River in 2009. This was the first leg I ran that year, a quick 3-miles-or-so jaunt into Nelson, Wisc. I remember it being a really beautiful day, and it was maybe around 8 p.m. when this picture was taken. The area there is really hilly and very, very green, so it was definitely a rave run for sure!

What are your plans for the weekend? Have any big races coming up?

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