Thursday, March 12, 2015

Three Things Thursday!

You know how the other day I wrote a post about changing things up to beat the end-of-winter blahs? Well, I decided to do a few things myself.

*First of all, if you are reading this, you notice the name at the top has changed. Well, so has the URL too! When I set this page up back in September, I thought "I'm Going to Be Faster Than Frank" would be a catchy, clever name, especially given my desire to beat his time at the Indy Mini Marathon in May. It was clever all right, so clever that the first question most people asked me was "who's Frank?".

So I decided to "rebrand" my blog a little bit and change the name to fit my newfound running philosophy...Let's Run Forever. That was the inscription the great marathoner Bill Rodgers put in my copy of his book "Marathon Man", and it is just so perfect. For sure, I want to run the rest of my life, but I think it also describes my own running. I'm not fast, I'm a grinder...I won't dazzle you with my speed by I can run a long, long way!

I also wanted to get away with having a "theme" type of name for the blog. In its first incarnation, this blog was called "Project Marathon 2013". Well, I reached that goal, and if I am faster than Frank in May, then what? So I went with a title that I think reflects my overall running goal. And at the same time, it will never go out of style!

I have also changed my Twitter handle to @letsrun4ever and will be transitioning to a new Facebook page soon too. I hope that you will join me!

*I got a cool new shirt yesterday. A while ago my good friend Wally Hines connected me with a fellow runner in California named Mike Sohaskey. He has a great website called Blisters, Cramps & Heaves, which is a great read. When I reached out to Mike I also found out that he was just about to drop a new website called Race Raves, which gives runners the chance to post about their race experiences.

Race Raves got off the ground a couple of months ago and so far has been really successful. I told Mike I wanted to help him spread the word about his site, and he offered to send me a shirt to wear at races. It finally arrived yesterday, and it looks great! (and it's also kind of thinning, don't you think?) I'm looking forward to wearing it at the 5K I'm running this weekend!

I'm hoping to take a little bit of the magic I felt from the shirt yesterday into my race on Saturday. When I got home from work I was feeling crappy and was planning on not running at all. When the shirt arrived I all of the sudden felt the motivation to go out and run my 3.2-mile route.

About a mile in, I was feeling so good I decided to stretch things out a little bit, and by the time I was done I had logged 5.2 miles. So the question is...does the shirt have a 29:30 5K in it? I guess I'll find out Saturday.

If you haven't already, check out the site as well as his Twitter and Facebook page. You won't be disappointed.

*Speaking of races, who is running one this weekend? You can find me at the Deer Park St. Paddy's 5K, where I hope to kick off my racing season with a new over-40 5K PR! Then in two weeks it will be the Viking Half Marathon, and two weeks after that I will be a virtual runner for the Run 3rd 5K. If you don't have a race planned that weekend, give that one a thought. It's benefits kids in the Mesa, Ariz. area who want to become runners. The #Run3rd movement is led by actor Sean Astin, and the online community that is beginning to form (you can check them out on Facebook) is growing by the day.

Tomorrow (Friday) I hope to head to the Hawk Hollow trail and hit my favorite running spot for the first time in a long time! Then it's an 11-12 miler on Sunday. Busy! Busy!


  1. I really like the new brand, and the philosophy behind it. Nicely done! Faster than Frank was catchy and clever, but this one has staying power for sure!

  2. Thank you, sir! :--) Definitely read "Marathon Man" when you have the chance. Very inspiring book.