Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Free Shoes!

I was so excited to get home from work today and find a box on my porch. In it were a new pair of shoes I had ordered from Running Warehouse on Friday. But just not any kind of shoes...free shoes!

Right after the Los Angeles Marathon, Race Raves sponsored a giveaway of a $100 gift card to Running Warehouse to anyone who posted a race rating/recap from the marathon. Despite having last run the race in 2003, I went ahead and posted my experience, and lo and behold, I was chosen as the winner!

You know how things sometimes seem to fall in your lap just when you need them? Yeah, this was one of those times. While my quest for the greatest shoe of all time continues, I have done well with the Asics Nimbus 16's I've been wearing. Those shoes are at about 350 miles right now so it was getting to the point where it was time to think about a new pair. I don't necessarily prescribe to the 500-mile theory religiously, but it is a good benchmark to see how shoes feel and how well they are taking care of you.

I started perusing the Running Warehouse website and was actually looking at the Nimbus 17 or even a pair of Hokas since my friend Brent had recommended them so highly. I mean, this is house money, right? But then I went to the sale "rack" and saw that my Nimbus 16s were marked down from to $96, which meant that if I bought a new pair of those it wouldn't cost me anything.

After giving it about 30 seconds of thought, I went with it...do you blame me? :--) Besides, my current Nimbus 16s have taken care of me pretty well ever since I threw a new set of Dr. Scholl inserts in them. It was more of a thing of necessity because my inserts smelled really badly after one of our cats went into my shoes, and I had to do something to save the shoes, but it also took away the soreness I occasionally felt in my left Achilles, which was a nice bonus. So I am more than content with going with another pair.

So I got the shoes at no cost to me -- even shipping was free -- and redistributed the funds towards entering the Rock N' Roll Las Vegas half in November. I'm really looking forward to running that one and a flat course will hopefully put me under my two hour goal.

I'm really thankful for the generosity from the folks at Race Raves. If you haven't had a chance to check out the site, do it! It's a great place to read about races and learn more about events you might want to do. They also have some interesting articles about running that are really fun to read.

One of the biggest differences between today and when I started running 15 years ago is the wealth of information that is out there for runners, as well as the opportunity to meet people in the global running community. Race Raves is a great resource for both.

Today was an off day for me and I wasn't feeling well anyway, but I'm off work Wednesday and can't wait to try out my new shoes!

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