Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happy National Running Day!

Isn't it so awesome that we get our own day? How did you celebrate? Tonight Kevin and I headed out to Hawk Hollow for a 3.1-miler. It was a lot of fun, and Kevin ran really, really well. Since it was his first run since school finished last week, it's was also his first summer training run as he gets ready for high school cross country in the fall.

I also decided to try something new tonight in an effort to expand my growing social media empire. Introducing 2-Minute Tuesday! Each Tuesday I'm going to post a 2-3 minute video about various topics in my running world. It could be just a training tip, a race report, or just a post on one of my favorite places to run.

I know it's Wednesday and all, but I came up with the idea this morning and really didn't want wait! Plus I figured it would be a good way to rock National Running Day.



  1. soooo...i just went to follow this blog by email but it said i'm already subscribed to it, however, since you changed the name/web address, i have received no new emails with your new posts

  2. Sorry about that! I think a few people might be in that same predicament, so I might just post an update and a link at the old address (it's still live) and link it here. Thanks so much for reading! :--)