Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Hey there! I hope everyone had a great weekend, especially you dads...I hope you enjoyed your day! Mine was a lot of fun, I took Kevin to paintball camp in Wisconsin and then spent the day with Darcy's family at her brother Adam's house. We ended up playing some soccer in the back yard, I hadn't played soccer in years but it was so much fun.

With Kev going to camp I spent Saturday night with my guys. We went bowling (I rolled a 152!) and did some hitting in the batting cages...we wanted to go karting -- we love karting -- but there were some intermittent showers in the area and the track was never dry enough. Bummer. Oh well, we ended up going to dinner and having a great night.

By far being a dad is the hardest thing I've ever done, but nothing in this world has ever brought me so much joy. Seeing the people my boys have become just makes me so proud. Here are a couple of photos of us: the first picture is the three of us at the Indy 500 last month, and the second is the first picture of us together, taken in September, 2000. It's crazy how those little boys have grown into men right in front of my eyes!

Here are a few other things I have on my mind!

*I made an executive decision Saturday and decided to enter the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis on Dec. 5. Darcy had been talking to Brent, who I ran the Viking Half Marathon with back in March, and he had committed to the marathon, so after a few minutes of thought I decided to do the same!

I hadn't planned on running another marathon until next fall, but I'm feeling better about my weight and my running and times are slowly improving, so I thought it might be a good time to run another one. Plus, it seems for the most part the temperature is near perfect (the average high is somewhere around 53), which makes it a great race to run. I liked Memphis a lot when I spent an afternoon there back in March, and am looking forward to seeing more of the city.

*Speaking of weight loss...I'm down about 15 pounds this month (30 if you go back to my heaviest point a little more than a year ago) and am feeling lots better. I also scored a small victory over the weekend when I was trying on some clothes, as I fit comfortably into 36-inch waist shorts and bought an XL shirt. I'm also down two holes in my belt! People are also starting to notice and I'm getting some nice compliments, which is great too. My goal is to be down 50 pounds by the time we go to Italy in October.

*Vacation! I'm lucky that I have been at my job for close to 18 years and I have gobs and gobs of vacation time. In fact, right now I'm sitting on just under seven weeks! During the summer I mostly take my days in onesy-twosy fashion and use longer stretches for when we travel.

Still, over the last couple of trips I have learned a few things about how to enjoy running while on vacation. I'll be sharing those sometime over the course of the next few days as a guest blogger on fellow runner Carlee Padot McClurg. Carlee threw out an invite on Twitter and I accepted to add some content while she's on vacation. I'm looking forward to it, and will shout it out when it drops.

Don't forget to look for Two-Minute Tuesday later on...I'm going to talk about how to handle the heat of summer running!

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