Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Three Things Thursday -- Gonna Brag Bonus Edition

Welcome back! Sorry my posts are few and far between...but the one-handed typing thing, ugh! Actually I'm getting pretty decent at it (probably about 25 words per minute if I REALLY focus), but it is still a pain and, honestly, there are days I just don't feel like doing it.

This isn't one of those days! Some good things have happened lately that I thought I would share!

1) My recovery is coming along slowly but surely. Hard to believe that I am six weeks beyond my accident and a month from surgery. There are definitely challenges every day, and PT is kind of painful, but I am getting some movement back and my range of motion seems to be improving.

I still have swelling and the radial nerve in my arm -- what controls many hand movements -- is still hibernating, but overall things are moving forward. My therapist told me today that improvement will become more exponential when I don't have to wear my brace any more.

Can I share a secret if toy promise not to tell my doctor? I actually went for a run sans brace last night and it was great! I ran 3 miles on the indoor track (in case I had any pain and needed to stop) at about a 10 minute pace and it felt really good. It was just so tough running with the brace that I had decided not to run until I could take it off. It was uncomfortable, not to mention discouraging!

So I'll keep that my little secret until I see Dr. Chhadia next week. Hopefully he makes it official and I can get rid of it for good!

2) My younger son Kevin continues to improve in his first year of cross country at Aurora Central Catholic High School. On Sept. 26, at the Charger Classic, his team's biggest meet and only home meet of the year, he set a 3-mile personal best of 22:46!

Then yesterday at a quadrangular meet he dropped his 5K PR to 23:09! He's made so much progress, back in May he ran a 5K with me and finished in 28:17, so he has improved five minutes since the beginning of the summer.

He isn't as fast of many of his teammates on the freshman/sophomore team, but he continues to improve and is slowly catching up to his mates. Most of all, he loves the competition and enjoys being part of the team. He has plenty of time to get fast, the stuff he's learned since joining the team is the most important!

3) My oldest son, Matt, claims he has "retired" from competitive running, but he still seems like he enjoys competing. It was Family Weekend at Benedictine University and he joined Kevin and their mom for the Cindy Cebrzynski Memorial 5K Run/Walk. And after not having run in a couple of months, he went out and won the race in 21:40!

Winning the race meant $75 in his pocket, which he was really happy about! Here he is pictured with Cindy's parents, and he looks pretty excited!

He's busy with school, which is more than fine with me, but I hope he resumes training and racing someday. I'm trying to talk him into running the Indy Mini with me next May but given he has never run more than an hour before, running a half is still beyond his comprehension. Maybe someday!

Finally! Best of luck to everyone running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! The work is now done and it's time to toe the line and rock it!

Chicago is a special race and a special experience. I've run the race six times and have so many great memories. I know the marathon is hard, and, trust me, I've been there, but make sure you take the time to enjoy Chicago, all of its diverse neighborhoods, and of course the massive crowd support. Chicago loves its marathon!

I will be there to spectate, which I think I've done as many times as I've actually run the race, so I'll do my best to get you to the finish line!

Here is a recap of my first Chicago Marathon in 2000 and here are my thoughts from my last one in 2013. Those were both amazing days, for very different reasons.

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