Thursday, November 5, 2015

Three Things Tursday

Hey there! I hope you have enjoyed my accounts of my recent travels. I'll have one more post later about my run to the Olympic Stadium in Rome, then it's back to the grind!

*I'm bummed that summer is officially over. OK, I know the solstice was six weeks ago and the end of daylight savings time has plunged us into darkness for the next few months (sunset here today is at  4:42 PM), but the pleasant weather has hung on for a while, as we have been enjoying 70-degree temps up through this week and have only experienced a couple freezes.

That ends later tonight, as a front will move through and beginning tomorrow we will get back to normal, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. Pretty good running weather, actually, so I am going to take advantage until the cold weather sets in.

I don't really mind running through the winter, though, the thing that bothers me the most is the wind. I tend to sweat a lot and when the wind hits! But on the flip side, I've found when I run outside a lot during the winter I seem to adapt better and the conditions don't bother me as much when I'm not running. Does that make sense?

*I am putting the watch away for a while. Since I'm still in recovery mode, I haven't been doing many runs on the clock lately, and I have discovered I am kind of enjoying it! So for the time being, I'm going to just keep it that way and run at whatever pace I'm feeling that day.

If you remember back over the summer, I got a little too obsessed with the clock, especially when it came to my 5K time. As a result, I ran training runs too hard -- making them less than fun -- and put too much pressure on myself in races, which left me disappointed.

Running shouldn't be that way, and I know better. So it's good to every so often just step back and run for fun. If you do that, and do it consistently, everything takes care of itself!

*But I do plan on going on the clock in I'm scheduling a couple of races! Kind of excited about that as the last time I ran a race was in July. I'm hoping to run the Fox & Turkey 4-mile race on Thanksgiving, and then the Chilly Chili 5K on Dec. 5.

It will be nice to have a goal to shoot for over the next few weeks. I last ran the Fox & Turkey in 2008, but had a great run at the Chilly Chili last year, breaking 30 minutes for the first time in a long time! You can read that race report here.

*Bonus! I just realized the other day that I had a Runniversary a couple of weeks ago. October 22 marked the 15-year anniversary of my first marathon, the 2000 Chicago Marathon. That race will always hold a special place in my heart, especially given how I started running in early 2000 specifically to run the marathon.

Here is my medal, and you can read my race report here. I finished in 4:27:42, and that day certainly changed my life.

My oldest son, Matt, also is celebrating a
Runniversary, as it was three years ago, November 3, 2012, that he competed in the Illinois High School Association Class 2A state cross country meet.

Here he is starting the race with his Aurora Central Catholic teammates, he is in the middle of this photo in blue, second to the right from the runners in the black-and-white striped singlets.

Matt ran the 3-mile course in 16:34, which turned out to be his PR on that course. I was so proud of him and all of the hard work he had put in to get there. The previous spring he had finished eighth in the JV mile at the conference meet, but six months later at the end of the cross country season he was the No. 2 runner on the team.

That was the only time he ran in the state XC meet (he was a 2-time state qualifier in track), and while he was disappointed with how he ran that day, now that he is older and not running competitively, Matt understands how special of a thing that was and what a privilege it was to run at that level.

The state meet is this weekend and I'm looking forward to heading down to watch a couple Central runners, Abby Fioresi and Karina Liz, competing in the 2A girls race. Both have a chance to earn all-state -- Top 25 -- honors, so it should be exciting! 

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  1. I love that you have put the watch away for a while! I love running without my watch! However, recently I started heart rate training so I have to have it with me all the time to make sure I am staying in my zones. I totally understand the running in the winter wind issue, I sweat a lot too so I have the same problem. However, it is better than a treadmill and thats a good point about being prepared for the conditions!