Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Goals For February

I have to admit, I have some really mixed thoughts about the month of February. This month we celebrate both Matt and Darcy's birthdays -- on consecutive days no less -- baseball season is beginning and over the last few years I've taken some memorable trips during February, including going to Dubai last year.

(Shameless plug: You can read up on my running exploits in Dubai here.)

But at the same time, February is one of those so-close-but-so-far months. March is just a few weeks away, but usually right about now we are in the midst of some serious, Hoth-like cold and snow. While El Nino has been good to us this year --we are actually in the middle of a February thunderstorm as I type this -- in two of the last five years (2011 and 2015), we've been hit by a huge blizzard today!

So that's what February feels like to me. Not quite sure how that applies to this post, but...

...actually, yes I do. I guess what I'm getting at is that unless you get on a plane and get out of here, February is a prime time to start suffering from some serious blahs. So what better time than now to set a few goals?

Mileage: A last-minute flurry of 14 miles over the weekend (3 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday) put me at 72 miles for the month. While I was a bit disappointed over the fact I skipped days I could have run due to a lack of motivation, the mileage itself wasn't all that bad. So for February, I want to go about 10 percent better, so let's set the bar at 80. When I think back to some of my best running summers, they usually started with a sting of 80-100 mile months leading up to it.

Run a race: It's been two months since my last 5K so I'm really itching to get out and run on the clock again. Matt and I will be running a 5K on Mar. 12 but I'd like to find one before then. Finding a race around here is a little slim this time of year, but I'm sure there is a small 5K around here somewhere!

Eating: In a recent post, I talked about hiding my scale for six months, and I plan on sticking to that. I'm also not dieting per se, it's more of a focus on just trying to do better things for myself. I really recommend listening to the Body Kindness Podcast hosted by Rebecca Scritchfield and my good friend Bernie Salazar, there are a lot of good things in there about making choices each day to be kind to ourselves, while trying to build habits we can sustain for the long term. When it comes to food, I'm just going to try and sub out the things I like that aren't really good for me for things I like that are good for me. If I focus on that and keep running I'll see results.

Go back to One: So a week ago I was in a little bit of a funk, and was having a pity party about a few things. While many of them are not worth going into detail here, I ultimately realized I embrace other things to make me happy, and things others do probably wouldn't make me happy...because if those things did, I'd be doing them! Right? So I'm going to worry about me and my crazy, rather than others and their own greatest hits.

Keep getting A's!: I don't know if I'd mentioned it but I started going back to school at the beginning of the semester. I attended school for 2 1/2 years when I was younger, but since I still have a few gen ed's to knock out before I can begin attending Northern Illinois University, I am taking a math class and a film appreciation class at Elgin Community College. As we start into week three, I still have an A in both classes, and I want to keep the positive vibes going! I've really enjoyed it so far, it certainly is a lot different!

What are your goals for February? What do you hope to do to meet them?

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