Monday, April 11, 2016

A Run In Singapore!

Happy Tuesday! Well, for some of us at least. I am in Singapore this week, traveling with my wife, Darcy, as she attends a trade show here.

Let me tell you, the trip here is an absolute haul. Our flight left Chicago at noon on Thursday, and the first leg of the trip was a 13 1/2 hour flight to Tokyo. We were only there a couple of hours but it gave me the chance to try sushi for the first time, as well as sake.

Both were really good, especially the sake. But man, it certainly doesn't take much to hit you pretty hard!

Next was a 6 1/2 hour flight from Tokyo to Singapore, and we arrived at just after midnight, meaning we spent around 23 hours traveling and experienced a 13-hour time change.

I'm still adjusting to the jet lag, but it's getting better, I don't have the desire to sleep ALL the time, so I'm adjusting.

After spending Saturday getting accustomed to my surroundings, I was up at about 6:30 on Sunday morning and decided to go for a run.

Our hotel is just across the street from the Singapore River, which has a riverwalk that connects to the marina, a place with a ton of things to see and do, along with beautiful views of the skyline.

I had found an old blog someone had written in 2012 where the author described several great places to run in Singapore, and he specifically mentioned the riverwalk. The great thing about the riverwalk is that it connects to the Marina, which has a lot to see and do and has some fabulous views as well.

I made it across the street at about 7 a.m., and I saw that there was a lot of activity going on already, with several people running and riding their bikes.

Actually, if you are going to do any sort of exercising done you have to get it done either early in the morning or late at night. Singapore sits about 90 miles or so from the Equator, so it is hot and humid year round. When I got started on my run it was already 82 degrees with a heat index of 88, and by the afternoon we were sitting at 93 and 106, respectively.

Here is my view when I got started. You can see by the skyline that it was really hazy. When I started running I crossed that bridge and ran on the other side of the river.

I felt the heat almost immediately, and was sweating inside of a minute or so from when I started. I set an easy pace and stopped to take a lot of pictures to try and help myself, but when you have run through a Midwest winter, it's tough.

About a mile into the run I came across a place called the Clarke Quay. It's a long stretch of bars and restaurants right along the river. I'm posting a picture I took when we went back later for dinner. We have actually now gone back there two nights in a row and have had a lot of fun both times!

As I got closer to the Marina, I started to get a much better look at the skyline. Like most international cities, there is a lot of interesting architecture that shows a lot of creativity and vision that I wish we had more of in the US. Between here and Dubai, both of which are "newer" cities in terms of their growth, there is a lot in the design of the buildings that is so inspiring.

Just as I arrived near the Marina I saw a ton of runners as a half marathon was going on! Actually I knew about the race and had been tempted to enter, but couldn't make up my mind before registration closed. In hindsight I'm really glad because even though the race started at 5 a.m. to help with the heat, it would've been a huge struggle for me in these conditions. By the looks of the people running, it was a grind even for those who lived here and were used to it. Although I will say the course would've been pretty cool to have run, it was super flat.

From here I pretty much followed the runners to the finish line of the race -- I didn't blend in, there were barricades up -- as it ended close to parts of the circuit for the Singapore Grand Prix Formula 1 race.

The Singapore race is run on a "street circuit", meaning the city streets are utilized to form the track. The race is also run at night, which is cool as well. There are some permanent structures, though, and they are always accessible, in fact the race's starting line was the starting line for the half marathon. If it stops raining at some point today I'll probably go back there to check it out some more.

 My run pretty much ended there. I had hoped to have run there and back to the hotel, but the heat and humidity had really gotten to me. I took a lot more photos -- which I'll post below -- and took a cab back to the hotel.

All in all, it was a great run and a great opportunity to see the city (or is it country?) from a different perspective. So let's add another one to the list!

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